Mac Face and Body Foundation

Updated: May 2

Swatches / Demo

My first ever filmed video, so mind all of the edits - not to mention horrible lockdown hair!

A Quick Demo of MAC Face & Body Foundation in C2 and C4 of one of my favourite water based foundations.

C2 is on your left and C4 is on your right (you will see the shades labelled in the video).

This is the most natural looking, holy grail skin-like foundation that I have ever come across. Though I will say, water based foundations do usually look very natural and they are also best for photography eg weddings, modeling shoots.

This MAC Face and Body foundation is said to be in most Makeup Artist's kits and there isn't even a DUPE for it - that's how special it is!

If you have oily skin or t-zone, it looks great with loose powder applied in the t-zone.

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