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Remove TikTok Watermark

Updated: Mar 23

TikTok How To

Quick & Easy

I did this on my Windows 10 laptop.

Last I have checked, one can't remove a TikTok video watermark on iPhone. I was tired of using my old Huawei android phone for only the purpose of removing watermarks. I then realized, that I could go to the same website on my laptop to remove the watermark and download it.

It seems like there may be a new solution for iPhone, but I think that only decreases the watermark size. You can always add a sticker on top of it to hide it! In this same process, you can also copy the video's caption for pasting.

chapters / timestamps

00:00 url to remove watermark

00:10 process to remove

00:18 here you can also copy your caption

00:25 download