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Don't Save Yourself

Updated: May 2

This wonderful advice/reminder is from my yoga teacher’s blog.


Don’t save yourself…

So my advice is this. Don’t wait for special occasions.

No waiting for New Year/Valentines/birthdays/retirement/weddings/bonus.

Don’t save yourself for the future.

Don’t tuck your best away in drawers/cupboards/your heart.

Wear your most gorgeous clothes. Use your good plates everyday.

Drink that bottle of champagne you’ve been saving.

Light that gorgeous scented candle you’ve got tucked away.

Put your favourite perfume on. Use the super expensive body cream.

Stop doing stuff you don’t want to to do. Start doing stuff you do want to do.

Dance. Sing. Eat delicious food.

Ditch the energy vampires, surround yourself with those who give you positive vibes.

Take your best loving off the shelf and share it.

Declare that your today is the special occasion.

Love. Live. Be happy. Celebrate now. Happy endings are overrated.

– Suzie (Indi Yoga)

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