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Chinese Beauty: Gua Sha

Updated: May 2

Gua Sha or kerokan is an ancient Chinese beauty treatment/instrument that is usually made of smooth stone (better able to retain heat and cold) - its most common shape is similar to a wild heart/half moon. It involves repeatedly scraping the facial skin (sometimes also used on).

Gua Sha can also be used on your body. It's said to increase blood flow, which in return improves circulation and oxygen flowing to your vital organs efficiently as well to you skin and extremities (hands and feet). They even come shaped as a comb for scalp stimulation.

Gua Shas are similar to the roller, except a gua sha makes for easier tension and control. They usually come in Jade, Rose Quartz and Lavender.


  • Drain fluid from the face (decreases puffiness/swelling)

  • Releases unhealthy bodily matter

  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage (releases excess fluids)

  • Smooths out connective tissue from tension

  • Increases healthy skin function

  • Improves immunity by releasing stagnant blood and toxins

  • Promotes healing

  • Relaxes tension in the face

Tips - Before

  • Drink plenty of water to help flush the toxins

  • Cleanse your skin thoroughly and then follow with a moisturizer with good slip

  • Let it cool in the fridge before you start scraping for maximum stimulation/depuffing

Tips - During

  • Start with the neck, as this will release tension and bring energy up to the face

  • Then gently scrape at an outwards/upwards angle from the center of the face

Tips - After

  • Rest

  • Protect the area

  • Hydrate

  • Avoid cool/cold showers for 2 hours

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