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Chinese Beauty: Gua Sha

Updated: Mar 23

Gua Sha - Pronounced 'Gua-Sa'

Gua Sa is an ancient Chinese instrument that is traditionally made of smooth stone (better able to retain heat and cold), and is commonly made into the shape of a wild heart/half moon. It is now a popular modern beauty treatment that involves scraping the face in an outward direction.

Gua Shas can also be used on your body. It's said the practice increases blood flow, which in return improves circulation and oxygen flow. They even come shaped as a comb for scalp stimulation.

Gua Shas are similar to the roller, except a gua sha makes for easier tension and control. They usually come in Jade, Rose Quartz, Lavender and even resin and beeswax!

Lymphatic drainage for the face

Lymphatic drainage treatments are said to accelerate the absorption and transportation of lymphatic fluids which contain toxins. It's said to be helpful in helping to depuff, help dull complexion and skin irritation, and even acne and digestive disorders.

In 2015, Japanese beauty company Shiseido, concluded in their research, that reduced functioning of dermal lymphatic vessels resulted in skin sagging - read the study.

Lymphatic drainage for the body has also been researched, stating that lymphatic drainage effectively reduced thigh circumference and the thickness of both thigh and abdominal fat in people with cellulite, suggesting that it may have firming properties - read the study.

My Personal Experience

I can understand why some claim it's a nonsurgical facelift, as it really helped with the puffiness on my neck/under my jaw and chin area.


  • Drain fluid from the face (decreases puffiness/swelling)

  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage (releases excess fluids and toxins)

  • Smooths out connective tissue from tension

  • Increases healthy skin function

  • Improves immunity by releasing stagnant blood and toxins

  • Promotes healing

  • Firms skin (decreases cellulite)

  • Relaxes tension in the face

Tips - Before

  • Drink plenty of water to help flush the toxins

  • Cleanse your skin thoroughly and then follow with a moisturizer with good slip

  • Let it cool in the fridge before you start scraping for maximum stimulation/depuffing

Tips - During

  • Start with the neck, as this will release tension and bring energy up to the face

  • Breathe deeply to help with oxygen blood flow

  • Then gently scrape downwards on the neck and then an outward/upwards angle for the face, starting from the center

  • At the end of each stroking motion, give a bit of a wiggle before lifting up to start a new section

Tips - After

  • Rest

  • Protect the area

  • Hydrate

  • Avoid cool/cold showers for 2 hours