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Cherry Blossoms and Spring

Updated: Apr 2

The Glorious Cherry Blossom

Spring Is Here!

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms.

Fun Facts

Cherry Blossoms

white / ivory / pale pink / bright pink

  • in 1912, the US planted their first blossoms - a gift of friendship from Japan

  • they are thought to have originated from Eurasia/the Himalayas

  • are known as 'sakura' (a flowering blossom) in Japanese

  • Macon, Georgia has the most blossoms in the world

  • peak bloom usually starts around April 4th

  • Yoshinos (pale pink) are the most popular

  • Bath & Body Works sells a scented range

  • are Japan's national flower

  • is an ice cream flavor

  • symbolize 'renewal'

  • petals are edible

🌸 The graceful glorious cherry blossom tree is one of the first things I think of at the start of Spring. Its beautiful blossoms dancing in the spring breeze give me such serenity and delight.


Popular Places to Watch the Cherry Blossoms


New York City, New York

Washington, DC

Macon, GA

Nashville, TN Dallas, TX

St Louis, MO Seattle, WA

Boston, MA

Portland, OR


Dublin, Ireland

RHS Garden Wisley, Surrey

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

RHS Garden Rosemoor, North Devon

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Rest of the World

Japan (multiple regions)

Paris, France

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bonn, Germany

Copenhagen, Denmark

Jerte Valley, Spain

Vancouver, Canada

Meghalaya, India


🌸 These photos are of Jes and I in Washington, D.C. when she turned 1 in March 2010 (She is now 15). Then we lived in Maryland, USA. Great Memories ☺️


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💙 Spring clean your mind and home

💙 seasonal produce

💙 find joy in nature

Checklist for Spring

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